Black Bears


Partner With Us

Partner with us!

When you partner with Cowlitz Black Bears baseball, you are making an impact local baseball families and fans in Cowlitz County. Your investment greatly enhances your business and assures the availability of high quality sports and entertainment for your customers.

The Black Bears are dedicated to serving the community. We are involved in many activities throughout the year. At the ball park, people you want to reach will be enjoying great baseball, pre-and post-game activities, exciting promotions, in-game contests, and great food and drink in a cozy and exciting venue. Ball park advertising reaches people in an atmosphere that matches their lifestyle, rather than intruding upon it.

Your message is in front of a captive audience for three hours, in an environment of entertainment and fun during more than 30 summer evenings. And, your brand is promoted everyday through your partnership with your Cowlitz Black Bears!

To discover how you can partner with us, call the office today at 360-703-3195.