Is the Black Bears season still happening?

Yes! The Cowlitz Black Bears are continuing preparations for the 2020 season, although Opening Day has been delayed. The 2020 season is scheduled to start in early July. We are closely monitoring public health announcements and complying with federal, provincial, state, and local guidelines and regulations. The Black Bears and the West Coast League look forward to providing a safe entertaining environment for our fans, players, staff, and host families. We will update with more information when it is available.

What happens to Black Bears season tickets?

We will address season tickets and the 2020 schedule once the new schedule has been announced. When we know how many games will be played, we will work as quickly as possible to communicate the season schedule and season ticket policies. If you have immediate questions or concerns, please contact us.

What about Black Bears sponsors?

We are still working on adding sponsors for the 2020 season! If you and your company would like to be a part of the summer with the Black Bears, please contact us at (360) 703-3195. We will be addressing sponsorships once we have a clear picture of what the amended 2020 season schedule looks like.

Can I still book group nights and birthday parties?

Yes! Click the following links if you are interested in hosting a group night, birthday party or youth sports get-together at the park. Call us at (360) 703-3195 for more information.

Do you still need host families?

Yes! Even with a delayed season, we will need host families. In fact, due to the unfortunately short college baseball season, we think we may have a larger roster than usual and will need more host families than usual. We are so dependent on our wonderful host families and show our appreciation through season tickets. For more information about becoming a host family, please visit our host family page and complete the contact form. 

Will the stadium be clean and safe at Black Bears games?

Yes! We always strive to keep Story Field clean and safe for all of our games. We clean the stadium after each game. Bathrooms are cleaned daily, with small cleanings throughout each game. Our concessions staff are diligent about going beyond Health Code regulations. We have an employee sick policy that all employees understand and agree to upon the start of each season. Also, we intend to provide additional hand washing or sanitizing stations this season to provide additional opportunities for our fans to stay healthy as well.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?

We’d love to talk to you! For more information regarding tickets, sponsorships and host families, please email us using the Contact Form on our website or call the office at (360) 703-3195.

We are diligently working with the West Coast League and our fellow teams to make sure our summer is safe and fun.  Additional information will be posted as it is available. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates!